Made in Africa 




Each product is handmade using raw materials from desert farm areas. The design and the creation of every piece is done by Werner Sunkel and his staff at the workshops in milnerton. The processes required is time consuming and elaborate with each product handmade to perfection.

Our products are environmentally friendly and from sustainable resources. All quills are hand picked individually washed, disinfected and fumigated. These animals are not endangered nor do you require

a permit for export.

No porcupines were hunted or killed for these quills, the meat of the porcupine is a

delicacy for local farm workers, nothing goes to waste so we make use of all the remains.

Scientific name - Hystrix Africaeaustralis





The porcupines are rodents covered with sharp quills to protect them from predators. Considered a pest amongst farmers as they dig up crops and borrow under fences that lead to great damage. The porcupine is about 650-900 mm long with a 200-250mm tail. Weighing between 5-15kgs they are rounded and very slow.


porcupine quills are sharp and detach easily, the animal turns its back towards the predator and turns itself into a round ball like shape. Predators have been known to die as a result of quill penetration and infections. Quills are released by contact with them, or they may drop out when the porcupine shakes its body, but cannot be projected at attackers contrary to popular belief. New quills grow in their place.


                      Treasure forever



    Caring for your porcupine quill product


  • The surface of the quill is water and stain resistant and will withstand normal domestic hot and cold temperatures and where appropriate is treated and sealed.
  • Clean with warm water, a soft cloth and mild detergent.
  • Do not expose to extreme heat or cold.
  • Do not immerse in water for an extended period.
  • Can be buffed with furniture polish.




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